Simply Remarkable.

Every moment matters. No detail is missed. Your precious memories are carefully chosen, filtered and distilled into video content that you will see is “Simply Remarkable.”

Your whole experience with Mark will be enjoyable. Book easily online for your special day. You’ll recieve reminders to your mobile phone if you desire and Mark will arrive on time, gear in hand, ready to paint a magical picture through the camera’s lens.


Are you getting married?

Nothing could be more important! Mark takes wedding footage very seriously, but with a sense of fun as well. Not every moment of wedding preparation is too serious.

There’s lots of moments of laughter and joy in expectation of the main vows and ceremony. Mark never misses a scene and you will love your footage. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Is It Your “Birthweek”?

Sometimes one day isn’t enough! Bring out the streamers, blowhorns, cake and camera. Get Mark to film your birthday in a fun and exciting musical montage.

Is it your 50th? Maybe 21st? No matter the age (100+) Mark is more than happy to film your event and produce a creative montage you can always cherish.


Family Comes First

Family comes first! Family comes before work, before friends and before many, many things. Our families are with us all our lives. There are plenty of things we share with our family that are worth recording.

Is there something really big, maybe a child being born or a nephew turning 1? Mark specializes in filming family get-togethers and key events like a child being born. You’ll look back at the memories Mark can capture on film and be so happy you caught those special moments.


Everyone Loves Good Fun

BAM! Fun!! Are you going snowboarding or doing something so crazy you have to get it on film? Maybe you are a skateboarder trying to go pro and you want some premium footage of your latest trick. Whatever the fun in life is bringing your way, please remember that Mark can help record thossweet scenes in an aesteically pleasing way.


The Mark Niksic Advantage

You can’t escape the artist when you are talking about art. Luckily, that means every video you capture with Mark has “The Mark Niksic Advantage”. That is a commitment to quality and meaning in art that few can contend with. Mark is more than your average guy with a camera.

Mark is a videographer dedicated to your happiness and success who uses motion pictures to catch emotions. When you look back on your film you’ll know exactly why it was good to get “The Mark Niksic Advantage”.