Humble Beginnings

Mark started his life in Windsor, Ontario from humble beginnings. He loved video games and being with his family like any good-natured well-rounded kid. Mark was always industrious and worked part-time jobs whenever he could. Early on Mark had a passion for capturing special moments with a camera or on film. There was something about capturing memorable moments on film that intrigued Mark.

Mark pursued a private education and was close with members of his local church. He didn’t hesitate to volunteer to help those in need and he was always passionate about helping his friends. Mark landed a job as a grocery stocker at Sobey’s at the age of 14 and he worked tirelessly, contributing much more than what was asked of him. Mark always had a calling for being there for others and he has been a blessing to those around him all his life.

Mark playing N64.

Towards New Horizons

Mark was always intrigued by business and being his own boss. Through hard work and dedication, he saved enough money to start a business delivering bread throughout Essex County. Everyone loved seeing Mark early in the morning with their bread deliveries and his upbeat attitude was contagious to everyone he met on the bread route.

Being the industrious guy he is, the bread route was only the beginning. Mark also felt the need to continue capturing the special moments in the lives of others. Mark made many famous videos of people’s weddings and social experiences. He found he had a knack for it and coined the phrase “Simply Remarkable” to describe all his creations.

Don’t be surprised when Mark goes above and beyond for you when creating videography of all the times you never want to forget. Call Mark at 226-345-3328 or Book Now and start making your own personal Remarkable Creation.

Mark holding a puppy.